Glimpses of the Agility World Championship!

01. OHOHOH Hungary, GO!!! 02. Happiness is the suisse team!
03. A nice smile from Finland 04. Vittorio Papavero: bisogna essere ottimisti!
05. Kolenko Roland with Ammy after an amazing run 06. The father of Joakim Tangfelt & Amiga
07. Blue eyes from South Africa 08. Irma: Il buongiorno si vede dal Mattino
09. Desiree Snellerman & Pace silver medal at the WC 2014 in Luxemburg 10. Patrizia Ciuffetti "under my" Skin
11. Natasha Wise & Dizzy 37,923" team medium 12. Martina Magnoli Klimesova & Carlo
13. Sandra Deidda 14. Paul Hirning from Germany
15. Sascha Grunder: the happiness of being part of a great AWC 16. Pavol Vakonic: an important page of the history of Agility
17. Lisa Frick: four times world winner with Hoss