FCI Agility World Championship 2015

The FCI Agility World Championship is back!

The 2015 edition will take place in Italy, at the Unipol Arena in Bologna.

From October 8 – 11, dogs from 34 countries will compete in the various category competitions. The fundamental characteristic for winning the events will be the relationship between the dog and the trainer, matured over months of practice, based on affection and reciprocal respect.

The event will include two types of contests, Agility and Jumping. In both cases the dog must complete an obstacle course in the fastest time possible, guided by its trainer, who can use any form of communication with the dog as long as it does not involve touching.

The obstacles present in the Agility trials are quite varied, and require the dog to handle obstacles through jumping, passing through them or touching them at specific points. The latter form is not present in the Jumping trials, which together with the “table” require the competitor to stop for a few seconds: this renders the courses in this category more linear.

Both of the trials include individual and team competitions.

In the official website you can find all the information about the event, including the schedule, profiles of the judges and organizers, accommodations and the possibility to setup a stand during the event.

One important new feature will be the volunteers, selected to contribute to the event’s positive outcome through providing front line services in different areas. The volunteers will have a reserved spot for watching the event when they are not working, as well as dedicated catering services and provided work uniform.

In whatever role you decide to play at the event, we are expecting you at the world of FCI Agility trials in Bologna!