Day 4 - The early bird catches the worm!!!

Final and crucial day. Emotion is vibral, almost palpable, the enthusiasm is deafening: the Arena explodes with the burst and roar of the crowd on the terraces, unanimous expressions and thunderous cheering... following performances in the field.

At 7.30 everything starts with the course building designed by the Italian judge Sandra Deidda and the fast course walkings; at 8.20 trials begin! Terraces are full of supporters, the atmosphere is incredible... this is really the “bellybutton of the world” and it’s really here were energy is born!

This song, L’Ombelico del Mondo by the Italian singer Jovanotti, was the theme of the event, but nobody expected such an energy, which infected with optimism and sportsmanship all athletes.

Today three individual agility trials are scheduled, starting from Small category. Luciano Ganz con Evagold “Eva”, Parson Russell Terrier, is the fourth one and he gives us a course of exciting instensity: meticulous and fast, he’ll be at the top of the placings for more than half of the trial.

Each day is different, because in the field there’s a unique alchemy.

Being the World Champion title the result of the combination of the placements in jumping and agility trials, the first tenth classified in jumping (trial that has taken place yesterday), today are the last tenth, so for our “Eva” we have to keep the finger crossed until the end!

It will be the Swedish athlete Jannie Abelsson-Svensson with the Shetland Sheepdog Burningstep’s Dragonforce "Inna", about at halfway till the end, the only one to exceed with the best time: 35,849 sec vs 36,051 made by Luciano and Eva.

Other Italian athletes competing in this trial are the two Parson Russell Terrier: Heisse Liebe Schokolade “Liebe” with Vlad Ciprian Stefanut, and Koi Black “Koi” with Andrea Cacciatori. While Andrea unfortunately makes some errors that penalize him, the first one gives us an excellent run gaining the third place. A very exciting prize giving ceremony, with two Italian athletes on the podium.

The morning goes on, now is Medium category turn and we witness something unique: a course made by a Pyrenean Shepherd who in 36 seconds literally eats up the course in such a... well, stratospheric way?! It was really a breathtaking course! Slovenia is on the podium with Celebrian Du Mourioche "Le" and Silvia Trikman and this time wins outstripping all one’s competitors, because while in other trials sometimes is just cents of seconds that make the difference, in this case we have one second and a half from the first and the second place. Who had the pleasure to see this performance was, at first, with no  words... as it really  was  an incredible show!

On the second step of the podium there’s Magique Dune Heavydee "Deedee" with the Belgian athlete Andy De Groote; third place is for the Shetland Sheepdog Power Black Koyo From Spirit Of A New and Martin Eberle. It’s a pity for a French Pyrenean Shepherd which was doing a great course when the handler stumbled... the audience stood up to cheer because everyone was sorry for him (agility charm… this share in from terraces!). Lots of cheering also for Martina Magnoli Klimesova, competing with Kiki (Mudi); Czech Republic demonstrates its merit, in this trial also Barbara Sarajdokova with the Mudi “Safi” gains a good time, but with a penalty.

In this trial we had one Italian athlete, Marzia Quinzio with Canis Maior Countdown “Nell” that unfortunately didn’t have a clean run.

At 14 starts the last trial, Individual Agility Large with 140 competitors. We have five Italian athletes with four Border Collies and a Malinois: the first, 46th to run, is Beck’s Hill I Am Legend “Dutch” with Marco Raimondi, and at 73rd place there is Beck’s Hill Horror “Brie” with Denis Beoni, 106th comes “Albireo” with Ruggiero Rocciola, while at 106esimo we have Patrizia Ciuffetti with the Malinois Good Night la Maschera di Ferro “Skin” that yeserday gave us all positive shivers winning a fabulous third place; our last athlete is Gianluca Schingaro with "Encore".

Pavol Vakonic, who today is going to write an important page of agility history, competes with two Border Collie: Shadow of Aire Fiona Fly “Fiona” and, few seconds later with Shadow of Aire Iris Ikea “Ikea”… the first one will arrive third in Individual Agility Large trial... but with both he’ll be on the podium as Champion with "Ikea" and he’ll place on the second step of the podium with "Fiona". No-one ever did such an incredible results!

Goinga bak to the trial: Denis Beoni with “Brie” makes THE course, he’s really good, fast and meticulous in each pass except for one jump in which he closes too much and the bar falls. With 36,707”, he could’ve been second, but that penalty makes him go down to the 38th place. Gianluca Schingaro with Encore has a clean run made in 39,874… in those 4,25 seconds more as to the best time, there will be 21 placements! The best time (35,63) is made by the Polish athlete Monika Rylska with the Border Collie

Shakti Se F’Reex Chiquita Banana “Chica” who delights the audience with a wonderful run, tight and excited though extremely fluid and, what is more, faultless. The judge Sandra Deidda when giving her prize thanked her for the great emotion she gave both her and the  whole audience! On the podium there’s another important name for the agility, Jenny Damn with the Border Collie Away to me miss Lilli.

It’s Lisa Frick and "Hoss" turn, a moment of great emotion for everyone. This Border Collie, the only one to be 4 time Agility World Champion, is having his last run at an AWC. The emotion is so big that even if Lisa is a great professionist, emotion makes her doing something wrong... they run with the standing ovation from an audience made by 6 thousands spectators clapping their hands.

Technically the FCI Agility World Championship 2015 is over, now it’s the magical moment of the Prize Giving Ceremony and of the proclamation of the World Champions!

Each nation comes into the field: there are all the protagonists of these wonderful four days, everyone with a flag.

So we have the prize giving for the Team Small World Champion, won by Czech Republic, followed by Austria and Lithuania. For Team Medium again is Czech Republic to win the title, followed by Switzerland and Slovenia. In Team Large Great Britain wins, but again on the podium we have Slovenia and France on the third step France.

Individul Small World Champion is won by Vlad Stefanut Ciprian, Team Italy, with “Liebe”; on his right we have Roland Kolenko, Team Slovenia, with Ammy Z Bukovskych Lesu and Samir Abu Laila (Brazil) with "Lali". Between the winner and the third one it’s just a little bit more of one second. Parson-power!

Then we have the prize giving for Medium, with three different breeds on the podium: on the top step there’s Silvia Trkman from Slovenia with her Pyrenean Shepherd “Le”, than Andy De Groote from Belgium with thel Border Collie Magique Dune Heavydee and Daniel SchroŐąder from Germany with the Shetland Sheepdog Excellent Choice Little Hero.

Large category is the last; Pavol Vakonic sweeps the board gaining the second and the first step on the podium: “Fiona” is World Champion and “Ikea” is second, for just two cents of seconds! “Neela” and the Sweden Jouni Orenius is third.

It has been a great championship... many acknowledgments for the Team of Volunteers that literally excel themselves and, with an infinite readiness to help, faced to face every difficulties, to the judges (Sandra Deidda, Sascha Grunder and Fulvio Frixione) that designed courses really appreciated by athletes and also granted  the audience fun. Thanks  to the secretary office and to the organization that gave their best for the success of the event.

Thanks to ENCI from every competitor for having organized such a well done event: for the large audience but also for the technical and organizational level.

Gianluca Di Giannantonio, in charge of the agility sector within the Enci Council, with the president Dino Muto, the director Fabrizio Crivellari and the technical director Angelo Pedrazzini did a really great job, Christa Bremer, President of the FCI Agility Commission wanted  personally say thank you to them. Many congrats also come from Wilfried Claes, FCI delegate, regarding the high technical and organizational level.

Then our Team! Vittorio Papavero has chosen a great Team, strong and unite, captained by an energetic Irma Bertolini, supported by an effective Elisa Solerio, a Team that received all the congratulations from a great guide for agility, Paolo Meroni, who’s recovering from a bad disease and wanted to celebrate his return here in Bologna.

And, last but not least, Stefano Marelli, who officiated the opening and closing ceremony and who has been crowned Agility World Champion ad honorem for his professional presentation, for the coreographical dancings and for being an incitement to the audience.