Day 3 - A bittersweet Saturday

The success of this Agility World Championship is incredible!

From far away comes the supporters’ echo. Organizators and collaborators are really proud because the Arena is almost full and the passion for this sport is something really appreciated by a wide audience. In the last days many newspapers gave news about the event, all the reporters invited to the Arena were really impressed by this amazing sport, many of them also didn’t know anything about agility and for some it was love at first sight!

Bleachers have been almost full with about 6 thousands spectators, who really enjoyed the Championship and who supported the athletes with bursting appalauses. Starting at 7.30 in the morning with the  building of the first course by the Italian Judge Sandra Deidda for Individual Jumping Large. Performing Parizia Ciuffetti, Team Italy, with her Malinois Good Night Red Moon La Maschera di Ferro “Skin”, a third placement with an amazing course. At the second and the first step of the podium we have Vakonic Pavol from Slovakia, with his two border collies Shadow of Aire Iris Ikea “Ikea” (first place with 33,29 seconds) and Shadow Of Aire Fiona Fly - “Fiona" (second place with 33,462 seconds) Skin is third just for 12 cent of seconds!!!

After yesterday’s last course, results and overalls are already available also for the Large course in Teams, which on Sunday will see on the podium  Great Britain with a very powerful team captained by Mark Laker, composed by Greg Derrett (with Rehab), Jessica Clarehurgh (with Cara), Naarah Cuddy (with Sassy), Matt Goodlife (with Quincy) and Charlotte Harding (with Scandal). Four Border Collies placed 3rd in jumping and 2nd in agility. Slovenia and France follow them.

Italy, as host country, wins in Agility Teams, but we wasn’t lucky in jumping, so the sum of points gave us an honourable ninth place.

Back to the trials! After the Individual Jumping Large, follows Medium (judged by Sandra Deidda) and Small (judged by Sascha Grunder).

A really nice course for the Medium that gives the podium to Claudia Zenner (Germany) with Bucca Wii Du Mourioche - "Wii", followed by Thomas Raczka (France) with "Curly" and Manuela Schlupp (Switzerland) with Giulia Chuken Sakura No Kuni - “Win”. Three Pyrenean Shepherds.

Out of the placement we have Barbara Sajdoková (Czech Republic) with Zafír Bogárka Gondüzö Alkonyat - “Safi”, for just 16 cents of seconds!

Other great satisfaction with the Individual Jumping Small, when Andrea Cacciatori and "Koi" (Parson Russell) gets a second placement just behind Sophie Lafond (France) with "Felicity" (Shetland Sheepdog). On the third sep of the podium there’s Claudia Schwab with "Jet" (Shetland Sheepdog) from Switzerland, one of the strongest nation in this Championship… their dogs are really smart and precise, just as clocks are!

Prize giving was really touchin! Team Italy, with all the supporters, runs in the field captained by Irma Bertolini who guided Paolo Meroni, judge and FCI delegate, to receive the audience welcome, after being away from this sport for a debilitating disease and now in recovery.

The last trial of the day is Team Agility Medium, a really wonderful show; with a very fast and technical course by the Italian judge Sandra Deidda.

Switzerland is again on the podium, followed by Czech Republic and Slovenia. The Overall will see those nations in switched orders (after jumping and agility): Czech Republic, Switzerland and Slovenia.

A bittersweet day: Italy didn’t have the chance to gain a good placement with the Team trials, but the results gained by Cacciatori and Ciuffetti are impressive. It’s really impossible not to be engaged and rejoice and suffer with the athletes in the field… even if some of them told us that when they’re inside the field it’s like to be aloof, like all the sensations and emotions they normally feel is just for their dogs… a sort of telepathy which unites dogs and athletes without space for nothing more.