World Championship 2015 Judge

Sandra Deidda

Agility has been my passion since 1997: I started practicing with my very first Border Collie, Blue Scott, and then continued over the years with another two Border Collies, Sunny and Maui, and then with three Shetlands, Happy, Emy and Cooper.

With my first Shetland, Happy, I participated twice in the Italian National Agility Team (Basel in 2006 and Hamar in 2007). Happy also won the title of Overall Italian Champion twice consecutively in the medium category in 2010 and 2011. Last year a young Border Collie named Nox joined the family, and I am once again starting the preparatory process for competing in Agility competitions.

I have been an Agility Judge since 2009. In addition to judging many national competitions, over the years I have had the pleasure of judging selections and trials at competitions abroad, in countries including Spain, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Great Britain, Poland and Austria, among which there were some particularly important events, like the FMBB World Championship in Italy in 2012, the European Open FCI in 2013 in Belgium, the Norwegian Open in 2013, the Final of the Swiss Championship in 2014, the Nordic Championship 2014 in Denmark, and the International Shetland 2014 in Luxembourg.

Sandra Deidda

Being nominated as a judge at the World Championship in my own country is a great honor for me and an important acknowledgment of all the commitment and passion that I have invested over the years in my development as an expert agility judge.

I would like to thank ENCI for placing trust in me to take on this important role, as well as all my Italian and foreign fellow judges, who have always offered their esteem and personal friendship, and have helped me and given me excellent advice during my growth as a judge.

Finally, I would also like to thank my friend and colleague Paolo Meroni, who has accompanied me with his support along an incredible journey that today has led me to the greatest satisfaction that an agility judge could ever desire.

We are preparing for a World Championship in in a location worthy of the most important event, in one of the most beautiful Italian artistic cities.

Therefore we will be seeing you in Bologna this October for the most exciting event for agility enthusiasts every year: the Agility World Championship!

World Championship 2015 Judge

Sascha Grunder

Please let me first introduce myself. I am 45 years old and was born in Bern, Switzerland. I am living with my wife in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. My family consists of my wife Letizia and our five beautiful dogs.

During the last three years I have had the chance to judge in more than twenty foreign countries in Europe and the Far East. I am very grateful and deeply honoured to be nominated as FCI Agility World Championships judge in Italy together with Sandra Deidda. A dream has come true and a wonderful year meeting interesting people, watching great dogs and interesting Agility lies ahead, with the most exciting event starting the second week of October at a wonderful venue in Bologna.

I am proud to represent the Swiss Kennel Club and the Swiss Agility community at the Agility World Championship 2015. I would like to thank everybody who made this incredible adventure reality.

These courses should allow the dogs to show their precision and athleticism at a high speed. The courses should consist of sequences that can be handled in different ways and styles, so that the dog is able to move through the entire course smoothly, agilely and with great speed. As a judge, I feel I am not only motivated but also obligated to present courses that are attractive to the spectators, interesting and challenging for the handlers and above all fun, enjoyable and safe for the dogs.

It all started 11 years ago in Montichiari, when I visited my first Agility World Championship. The speed, the rhythm of the dogs and their handlers where like music to me. The agility virus took over and it never let loose. The circle closes – I’m back to Italy, being part of the greatest event in the agility world. Not on the ranks anymore, but in the middle of all. Feeling the excitement as close as possible, to feeling the joy, the determination and the wonderful energy of the most beautiful beings… our dogs…

At last I would like to warmly welcome all handlers and their dogs from all over the world and wish everybody a wonderful time, having fun with their best friends - may all your wishes come true!

World Championship 2015 Contact Zones Judge

Fulvio FrixioneI was born in Genoa, I am 63 years old, and it is likely that when I first began training dogs officially many of the competitors in this world championship, actually I would say all of them, were not yet born.

I trained Belgian Shepherds for many years.

My career as a judge began as an expert show judge, after which in the wake of the earliest Italian agility trials I attended my first training course for Italian judges, and received a nomination as an expert agility trial judge. I subsequently was also certified as an obedience trial judge.

For several years I was a member of the selection committee or a team leader for the national obedience team, and in 2007 I selected the FMBB national agility team, which went on to obtain great results in the individual trials with a first place by Debelisi Piece of Cake, known as Monday, conducted by Vittorio Papavero, and a third place by Tirro la Maschera di Ferro conducted by Carmelo Marchese.

I believe that I am a truly fortunate judge to have had the opportunity to judge, over my career, a European Obedience Championship, an FMBB World Obedience Championship, a European Open, a Border Collie Classic, a European Open Junior and now this World Championship as a contact zones judge.

I would like to take this occasion to greet all of the athletes participating in the event and all those who will join in from the audience, by saying: “We will see you in Bologna”.

Sunday 11 October 2015

Final and crucial day. Emotion is vibral, almost palpable, the enthusiasm is deafening: the Arena explodes with the burst and roar of the crowd on the terraces, unanimous expressions and thunderous cheering... following performances in the field.